Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poor, poor, pitiful me!

Because I know that I don't really have any 'readers' anymore, I've become a little blog neglectful. There was a time "back in the day " when I had a lot of readers! Well, a lot of readers by my standards anyway. Enough that I was checking my site tracker weekly, and marveling at the tens of people who had stopped by to read my drivel.

Then I had to change my blog address, and I deleted my old blog due to some online drama that I won't get into at the moment...

Then I went on a blogging 'strike'.

Then all of my funny stories got lost in my own, short, short memory for all of that time.

NO MORE, I say! I don't blog for readers, I blog for memories. If I happen upon some readers in the process (Hi Mom!), so be it!

I've been crazy busy lately. I started working again back in July, and though most weeks it is only one night a week, its really seemed to add a LOT to my schedule. The last few weeks my friend and coworker has been on vacation, so I've been working three nights a week. I don't know how people work full time AND have a family. There just isn't enough time in the day. Bartending has been, interesting. Its a decent spot, and the crowd is pretty mellow for the most part. It can just be a really depressing job. So many sad, sad, people.

We also moved back into July. I *hate* moving, but man, was it ever worth it! We moved HERE....yeah...I'll take that view any day over the double-wide falling apart trailor view that I had previously. We had a beautiful August, and a gorgeous September. The weather was great and we enjoyed many days swimming in the lake. The house also came with a hot tub. Ahhhhh...heaven. We keep it bath-water warm so that the boys can play in it. After an initially hard learning curve with the hot tub chemicals, I think I've finally got it down! Yeah me!

Now my 'battle' is keeping the fur tumble-weeds off of the laminate floors! Bleh!

Daniel has been growing and growing. He's grown out of two pairs of shoes this summer. Its crazy how that happens. We're starting a little 'in-home' preschool with him very soon. He's so excited. I think he'll do well with it, its me that has to get disciplined about it. We've been toying around with the idea of homeschooling for Kindy as well, but haven't made any definite decisions as of yet.

We're both conflicted. If Daniel goes to public kindy, I want him to wait unil he is 6. He's a classic summer boy birthday, and the debate rages on whether or not to start them 'on time'.

Elijah has moved from being a 'baby', to just being 'one of the guys'. Or so he thinks anyway! He spends his days chasing his big brothers, trying to steal their toys, pulling the cat's hair, and spilling things. :) Just what a 1 year old loves!

I get the biggest kick out of this kid. He LOVES hugs and kisses, and has a REAL thing for his Daddy. Its so, so sweet. He also now LOVES kissing his brothers! Big, wet, slobbery open mouth kisses. So cute.

Isaiah's talking has exploded the last few months. He's saying everything he wants, having full conversations with his brother, and just blossoming. Its so cute to hear him. I think because he started talking so late, it really made me appreciate it more. Or maybe he is JUST.THAT.STINKING.CUTE. This is the most expressive kid I've ever met. His facial expressions crack me up, every day. He's got the kindest heart. He is our cuddler right at the moment. The perfect size to just wrap up and snuggle. This is a classic Isaiah face. This is him, excited. He isn't really into posing for the camera at this point, so most of the pictures I have of him are making funny faces and sticking his tongue out. That's cute and all, but I like a good smile now and then.

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