Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

We had a great time yesterday. First we went to one of Jeremiah's friends' homes. The boys all dug for clams since the tide was out and his friends live right on the Puget Sound. I actually tried one! I wasn't a fan! I'll stick to my clam chowder, anyday. Little pieces, that's the key! The taste was good, but the texture...bleh. My camera wasn't charged, so I don't have pictures of that.

After that we went to our other friend's house. The same one we are moving into next month! Of COURSE I forgot to take pictures of the actual house/property. I did get a couple of good ones of the boys though! They both tried out tubing behind the boat.

Isaiah wasn't a huge fan at first, but tried it again when Jeremiah, Daniel and I were going. It was a blast!

Jeremiah wakeboarded. His first time in YEARS! He's sore today. As was the pattern yesterday, I didn't have my camera out on the boat for that. I wish I would have! Jeremiah did GREAT! He took a couple of hard spills, but really did good, especially since he hasn't done it in SO long.

The fireworks on the lake were amazing.

They are ALL legal out here, and the people on the lake really went all out. The show lasted for well over an hour, almost 2! All three boys fell asleep during the fireworks.

I made a cheesecake. It cracked, which wrecked the decoration I had on it, but still tasted good! Everyone seemed to like it. I got a few "this is the BEST cheesecake EVER!" comments. I like those!! I don't make it often because its so much work, so when I do I really like it when people enjoy it.

Today we were busy cleaning. I'm trying to get the house in order before my BIG HUGE AWESOME trip!!! Yup! In case you haven't yet heard, I'm going to Minnesota July 9th to the 15th. It'll be just me and the baby this time. I can't wait. I'm SO nervous leaving my big boys, but we'll all be ok. (I keep repeating that to myself!) I've just never been apart from them for so long, especially so far away.

I'm sure it'll be fine. I don't know what I'll do with myself having only one child to take care of for 6 whole days! I bet I'll figure it out though!!

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