Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sleeping babies....

My kids sure do fall asleep in some weird places! You can click on that collage to see a larger version.

I kept telling my mom I was going to put this together, so this morning I finally went through my Picasa and picked out all the cutest sleeping kids pictures I could find.

Next will be the biggest messes collage. :) That one should be interesting!

Elijah has now officially entered the 'troublemaker' stage. He spends his days searching out coins on the floor that the boys have found somewhere and dropped, and crumbs to snack on. I think my vaccuum will be officially worn out after this one! He loves chasing his brothers around and trying to take all of their toys away. He's a professional at crying when Isaiah comes near for hugs or to play. He's still love to cuddle though, when he's not crawling laps around our house! He is pulling up on things to stand, and starting to let go for little bits of time to stand on his own. I'm hoping he doesn't figure out the walking thing as fast as Daniel did!

He's eating lots of real foods now, and love....wait for it....spaghetti! Surprise surprise!

Isaiah is my little book lover at the moment. He'll sit and listen to stories for hours, if he could. He loves tormenting Daniel with "NOOOOO!!!! Mine!!! Gib Me Dat Naano (his way of saying Daniel)!!!!!!" and following him around in tears. "Take turns" is taking a while to sink in with this one!

Daniel just turned 4 years old and now is a 'big boy' according to him. He will *not* stand for being referred to as little, at all. He got a fishing pole for his birthday, and its been hard to get it out of his hands to even go to bed! He can't wait to go fishing for real and catch his first fish.

That may happen sooner than we thought!! Some friends of ours from church are going to be renting us their house in August. They live RIGHT on a lake. The deck out the back door goes right up to the water!! We are so excited! They have a beautiful house, and we can't wait to move in. The boys will get to fish until they can't fish anymore. Jeremiah too, as a matter of fact. I'm looking forward to bonfires out by the lake, and soaking in the HOT TUB (woo-hoo!!) this winter! Its only a 10 month lease, but believe me, we're going to fully enjoy those 10 months! Hopefully pictures will be coming next week sometime. Anyone up for a vacation??
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