Saturday, December 1, 2007

Some pictures...

So I'm taking a short break today from the chaos to post a few pictures.

Today we have to
1)Clean the house for Isaiah's birthday party tomorrow
2) Shampoo all the carpets
3)Make Isaiah's birthday brownies
4) Decorate
5) Look for and buy a bed for the boys and my cousin and her husband who are coming to visit on THURSDAY!!
6) Get our 2nd car fixed
7) Wash all the laundry and take them to the laundromat to dry because our STUPID dryer broke
8) Go grocery shopping.

I sent Jeremiah and Daniel off this morning with a list about a mile long for Wal-mart. They left before noon and its after two and they still aren't back yet. Last time I talked to them they were on their way to the mattess store to check out beds. I *KNOW* Jeremiah is going to end up buying something WAY too expensive for our budget right now. My baby has champagne taste on a beer budget, or so they say! Good when buying things like electronics for us or presents for me (haha), not so good when you are trying to stretch a budget to cover things it normally wouldn't.

Anyway, here's the daily dose of kid's pictures for you!

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