Monday, March 30, 2009

24 weeks already!!

Here I am, well, 1/3 of me anyway. Its the best I can do myself! Plus, it was a no makeup day. :) 24 weeks. More than 1/2 way there. 16 weeks to go. Yeah!

We had a fun weekend. Saturday we relaxed and lazed around all day. Sunday we went to church, and then spent the afternoon enjoying the VERY RARE sunshine! The garage got cleaned out, the brakes got fixed on the van, and the kids got to play outside for HOURS. What a great day. After all of that Jeremiah took the big boys out fishing for a while. Now its Monday again, back to the grind.

I cannot seem to get a candid picture of Elijah! He sees that camera come out and poses every time.

Here they are reading his current favorite book, Are You My Mother.

Not much more to say this morning! I need more coffee and need to get off the computer and clean up! The weekend has a way of destroying my house. What were YOU up to this weekend??
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  1. Hey, I didn't know you had a blog :) I've never actually met you, but I hear about you guys all the time! Thanks for the comment you left me about the circumcision :) Hope your fam is doing great!

    Courtney Young