Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some more pictures and stories!

Here is Daniel and Isaiah in their "spots" for when I sweep/mop. :)

Isaiah decided he wanted a hot dog bun...this is how I found him about 2 minutes later...

Puffy is STILL bigger than the baby, but man do they love each other!

I finally talked Jeremiah into wearing the baby pack (which evidently isn't very 'manly', according to him!), AND vaccuuming, at the same TIME!! Mark your calendars folks!

We've had a pretty hectic week, and its only Tuesday! Jeremiah had a CT scan yesterday for some frequent, severe headaches he's been having for about a month and a half. Thank GOD it came back normal. We're not sure what is causing these headaches yet, but at least it isn't anything life-threatening. We were both pretty nervous about it, but thankfully it was only a 2 day wait to get the scan. I pretty much just tried to keep myself busy and not dwell on the 'what-ifs'. That's harder than it sounds!

The baby came down with a cold yesterday, so its been a long couple of days. He only wants to be held when he's sick, and doesn't sleep long without someone right next to him. Last night that didn't even help! We both were up and down for the majority of the night. Poor little guy. I'm pretty sure I have the same cold as him. I had to take some Claritan D this morning, and then remembered why I don't take that stuff much! I can see why they use Pseudoephedrine to make meth. WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I got a lot of cleaning done this morning though, on the plus side, and did it all without blowing my nose 800 times!

Here is a link to a song I put online that we did at church on Sunday. Feel free to give it a listen! I'll try to remember to upload some more on there soon!
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  1. Such cute pictures - they all look JUST like your hubby! Especially love the sweeping/mopping spots :)

    And that song is GORGEOUS. That IS you singing, right? Awesome.